Saturday, February 7, 2009

What we are doing

For the first time in Kolkata, a group of young energetic people came together to present ‘the songs of the soil’ of Bengal and the North-East in 1998. That was the beginning of DOHAR.
DOHAR the Bengali word, which means Chorus, following a solo lead voice, is a manifestation of the basic spirit with which this singing group was formed. Our mission is to cater the rustic songs of the soil to the urban mass in it’s original form and flavour. We are thus the chorus of those illustrious bouls and fakirs of greater Bengal and northeast. We are also involved in an endeavour to form an archive of this treasure chest of tunes and philosophy. DOHAR is a musical troop of regional repute – a platform for cultural activists, who consider this world as a musical bonanza and intends to energise it’s inhabitants with the melodious power of folk tunes, specially of greater Bengal as well as the North Eastern States of the Country.
In brief, DOHAR is an endless journey of music having strong connections with the root, on one hand and going beyond all boundaries, on the other .
DOHAR already collected more than 6,000 (six thousand) folk songs from the different part of India and Bangladesh.
How many miles DOHAR came across:
DOHAR started it’s dream journey, in the world of music in 1998. Within six years of it’s initiation , the group was able to add a number of feathers on it’s cap and every endevour of DOHAR was blessed with the appreciation of people.